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    AquaTech Sport Shield Eyepiece for Canon CEP-1 [1350]

    Price:   £25.14

    This is the AquaTech Sport Shield Eyepiece for Canon CEP-1 [1350]

    AquaTech Eyepieces are required to help secure the AquaTech Sport Shield to your camera. Made from a lightweight and strong plastic, the foam end has a superior feel to the camera's stock eyepiece. To apply, simply remove your camera's existing eyepiece. Line the AquaTech eyepiece's grooves up with those on the camera, and slide on.

    Dimensions:2 1/8''x1 1/4''x3/5'' (LxWxH)
    Material:plastic and soft foam

    Supports the following cameras:
    Canon Xti/400D
    Canon XSi
    Canon XS
    Canon Rebel XT/350D
    Canon Rebel T3i
    Canon Rebel T3
    Canon Rebel T2i
    Canon Rebel T1i
    Canon 60D
    Canon 5D Mark II
    Canon 5D
    Canon 50D
    Canon 40D
    Canon 30D
    Canon 20D
    Canon 1V
    Canon 1Ds Mark II
    Canon 1D Mark II N
    Canon 1D Mark II