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    Delkin Archival Gold Scratch Armour DVD-R 25 Pack Spindle 4.7Gb 8x [DDVD-R-SA/25 SPIN 8X]

    Price:   £83.24

    This is the Delkin Archival Gold Scratch Armour DVD-R 25 Pack Spindle 4.7Gb 8x [DDVD-R-SA/25 SPIN 8X]

    With a larger capacity then the CD-R, the Archival Gold DVD-R lets you store more images in one location. The innovative materials and manufacturing methods used to produce Archival Gold DVD-R's make them among the most reliable storage media available. Other DVD-R's may deteriorate quickly due to common environmental factors: ultraviolet light, heat, and humidity. Using N.I.S.T.'s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) accelerated aging process to test the longevity of DVD-R media, the Archival Gold DVD-R has been shown to safely store your images for more then. A key component of the Archival Gold DVD-R's durability is the use of gold as the reflective layer of the disc. Gold is one of the most inert, reflective (and expensive) elements on earth, which makes it perfect to resist the effects of temperature and humidity. These characteristics prevent oxidation, a common cause of failure to most DVD-R's. Thirty percent of Delkin's cost to produce every Archival Gold disc is due to the use of 24 karat gold
    100 Year Archival Lifespan: Delkin archival DVD-R discs offer the longest guaranteed protection over time. Use them to store what's most important to you, whether it be wedding photos, tax documents, medical records, musical compositions, or family videos.

    ScratchArmor™ Surface Protection: Scratches, scuffs, dirt, chemicals and fingerprints can leave your recordable media damaged beyond repair. Scratch Armor scratch resistant coating protects the surface of the disc over ten times better than uncoated media, so you can rest easy knowing that your memories, music and documents are safe from life’s daily grind.

    Speed: 8x
    Capacity: 4.7 GB / 2 Hours
    Rated Lifespan: 100 Years