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    Dorr Go2 40.5mm Metal Adapter Ring [318940]

    Price:   £9.29

    This is the Dorr Go2 40.5mm Metal Adapter Ring [318940]

    The Dorr Go2 Metal Adapter Ring combines with the Go2 Filter Holder by allowing the correct size thread for the filter holder to screw onto. These Adapter Rings are available for lens filter threads from 37mm up to 82mm.

    Go2 Filter System
    The Go2 filter system is made up of a series of different components for your camera and lens. Please see the components below in the order they attach and what they do.
    Adapter Ring - Combines with the filter holder. Available in 37mm to 82mm to match your lens' filter thread size
    Filter Holder - Attaches on top of the adapter ring. Holds up to 3x filters
    Filter - Up to 3 can be inserted. Use different colours to create different effects or use the Circular Polarizing Go2 filters for avoiding reflections on non-metallic surfaces - also enhances contrast
    Lens Hood - Can be attached after the filters to avoid reflections

    For the Go2 Filter System
    Combines with the Go2 Filter Holder
    Available in 37mm up to 82mm
    Other accessories required