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    Dust-Aid Platinum Sensor Cleaner Kit [DA0300]

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    This is the Dust-Aid Platinum Sensor Cleaner Kit [DA0300]

    Many photographers use rubber bulb blowers to clean their sensors, while this is a quick and often effective technique, it usually will not remove all the dust from the camera, while occasionally a blower can actually blow more dust onto the sensor. Of course, dust that remains inside the camera body can easily re-contaminate the sensor, regardless of lens changing activities. The great feature of Dust-Aidô is that it gently lifts the contamination off the sensor and out of the camera. And, unlike many swab and brush based products, nothing is rubbed along the sensor surface, eliminating the risk of scratching. There are no liquids to buy and no brushes to clean. Dust-Aidô wont cause problems with airline security either. Finally, its small form factor makes it easy to fit inside the smallest of gadget bags, which means that now there's no excuse for a dirty sensor wherever you are! Why we like Dust-Aid- All sensors experience dust contamination and a gradual build up of hard to remove greasy spots. These spots can only be removed effectively by using a wet cleaning method. While this is a highly effective technique, rubbing the sensor does expose the surface to the risk of scratching from abrasive dust particles. However, by using Dust-Aidô prior to a wet cleaning, the user can be assured that all contaminating particles have been gently lifted from the surface and removed from the camera. In this way the risk from a wet cleaning is greatly reduced. We regard Dust-Aid, when used prior to a wet clean to be the safest and most effective technique for cleaning the sensor in a modern Digital SLR. Dust-Aidô Platinum is a second-generation cleaning tool for removing dry dust-particles from DSLR sensors. The specially engineered cleaning silicone used in the new Platinum DSLR Cleaner makes it perfectly safe to use on any sensor filter. No more dragging dry brushes and their accumulated dust across the sensor filter, which can lead to scratching and smearing. Now, just press and lift a couple of times and your done! Dust-Aidô Platinum has been tested on all sensor types including those cameras with internal self-cleaning mechanisms. Dust-Aidô Platinum is safe to use on coated and uncoated sensor filters. A key feature with the new Platinum cleaner is its ability to have it's cleaning silicone repeatedly cleaned free of accumulated dust and fibres. This means that you could have a lifetime of use out of the Platinum cleaner. The Platinum cleaner comes with 6 silicone cleaning applications and with the purchase of additional cleaning strips the life span of the Platinum could be extended indefinitely. The cleaning adhesive used to clean the Platinum silicone has been developed and tested not to transfer any of the adhesive to the silicone. Weighing around 30g the dust aid kit is small, light and travel friendly.

    Dust-Aidô Platinum is designed to remove dry dust particles only. Any contamination remaining should be removed by a wet cleaning system such as the Dust-Aid Dust-Wand Kit or Swabs and Fluid. It is important that all dry dust is removed from the sensor filter prior to using any wet cleaning method.