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    Elinchrom D-Lite RX1 Flash Three Head Kit [20845.3]

    Price:   £599.00

    This is the Elinchrom D-Lite RX1 Flash Three Head Kit [20845.3]

    The perfect beginners lighting kit, or for those who need something small and simple for business portraits and product photography.The Elinchrom D-Lite RX One is Elinchrom's latest entry level compact flash unit. However, just because it's the first step on the ladder doesn't mean it lacks features. The accessory mount is the same one used by Elinchrom on all their flash units, so any accessory you buy now will continue to work as your photography progresses and you move up the range.The D-Lite RX One has a 5 stop power range so you have loads of control over the look of your images. Many cheap lighting kits utilise fluorescent bulbs which can't be dimmed, or tungsten lights, which change colour when dimmed. The D-Lite RX One maintains the same colour as you turn down the power. Including 2 umbrellas as well as a portalite softbox, this is an extremely versatile kit great for fast setup home and business portraits, small group shots, product photography and much more. Built-in radio triggering and control means you won't need a cable connecting your camera to the lights. You can also change the power of the lights remotely, saving you time. The system is fully Skyport RX compatible so you can even use the Elinchrom Skyport iPhone/iPad app

    Energy 100
    F-Stop (1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°) 32.4
    Power range f-stop 5
    Power range Ws 6 -100
    Power range 1/1-1/16
    Power increments in f-stop1/10 to programmable 5/10 -1/1
    Flash duration t0.5 at max. power in s. 1/2200
    Recycling 230 V in s 0.44-1.5
    Recycling 115 V in s. 0.45-2.1
    Colour temperature in °K at max. power 5500
    Auto Power Dumping Power stability Voltage Adjusts power settings automatically +/-0.5%
    Modelling lamp mode Multivoltage 90-260V Proportional, min, max, off
    Modelling lamp 230 V E27 100 W/196 V (effective 150 W)
    Modelling lamp 115 V E27 100 W/90 V (effective 150 W)
    Flashtube 24009: Plug-in, user replaceable
    EL-Skyport (Built-in) Integrated transceiver, 8 Frequency Channels and 4 Groups with full RX features
    Sync voltage Sync socket 5 V (compatible with all cameras) 3.5mm Jack
    Fan Cooled Microprocessor controlled fan with thermal cut-out
    Umbrella fitting Centred tube for EL-umbrellas 7mm. Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts
    Max. power consumption (230 V/50 Hz) 140 W
    Max. power consumption (115 V/60 Hz) 170 W
    Dimensions (with protective cap) 19x14x19cm
    Weight 0.9 kg
    * Requires Elinchrom Wi-Fi Module

    3x D-Lite RX One Head
    3x Clip Lock Stand
    1x Skyport Speed Transmitter
    2x 16cm Reflector
    1x 85cm White Umbrella
    1x 83cm Translucent Umbrella
    1x Portalite Softbox Square 66cm
    1x 5m Sync Cable 3.5mm
    1x Tube Bag for Heads
    1x Stand Bag