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    Elinchrom Quadra Living Light 1 S-Head Kit (Lead-Gel) [10430.1]

    Price:   £729.00

    This is the Elinchrom Quadra Living Light 1 S-Head Kit (Lead-Gel) [10430.1]

    The Elinchrom Quadra Living Light 1 S-Head Kit (Lead-Gel) was put together by Elinchrom to offer on the go photographers a turnkey location lighting solution. The kit includes the 400Ws Quadra Hybrid RX Pack, a lead-gel battery, multi-voltage charger, 8.2' flash head cable, sync cable, and an ELS Transmitter Speed for remote triggering of the flash. The Quadra Hybrid RX Pack with Lead-Gel Battery pack delivers an impressive 400Ws of power in a small package that weighs in at only 6.6 lb. while offering has portability, flexibility and professional convenience features you would expect from a company of Elinchrom's stature. The powerful pack can recycle in 0.41 to 2.26 seconds at 115V with full power flash durations as short as 1/3,000 sec. with the S (Standard) head and 1/5,700 with the A (Action) head. The Quadra Hybrid RX has a 6.6 stop power range that's variable in 1/10 stops and can distribute power in a fixed 2:1 asymmetrical ratio (66 -33%) or 100% through one head. The pack has a built-in ELS Skyport Receiver with 8 channels that can handle 4 distinct groups of flashes and not only allows you to trigger your pack at distances up to 393' but gives you control of power, on/off, modeling light functions and HyperSync activation. Free software for Mac and PC computers is available with the transmitter to add additional features a they become available. Add an optional USB Wi-Fi module for computer control and software that allows you to use specially designed apps that allow full remote control via your for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    The full-functioning miniaturized S flash head which is ideally mated to the 400Ws Ranger Quadra Hybrid battery-powered pack. At only 0.6 lb and measuring only 5.9 x 3.3 x 3.1'', the head not only packs well and is eminently portable, but is mountable in situations that would be impossible for a full-sized flash head. The ''S'' designation for Standard, might look like the head is an under-performer as compared to its ''A'' counterpart, but on the contrary, the Standard is capable of very fast flash durations as short as 1/3,000 sec. -perfectly adequate for nearly all applications. The Hybrid S Head does away with conventional halogen modeling lamps in favor of a low-draw LED lamp that produces the tungsten equivalent of 50W, and ships with a standard 5.3'' umbrella reflector. Elinchrom also offers the EL-RQ adapter for those who want to use standard full-sized accessories and reflectors. The head comes with a removable 8.2' head cable. Optional 5.0' and 11.5' cables are available. The Elinchrom Skyport SPEED Transmitter can control basic functions of Elinchrom units such as the BXRI 250/500, Ranger Quadra and D-Lite-it with their built-in ELS Receiver, and Elinchrom RX units to which a Transceiver RX (not included) is attached. The Skyport remote control system works at distances up to 196' (60 m) indoors and up to 393' (120 m) outdoors and syncs at up to 1/250s. It can control flashes in 4 selectable workgroups, and there are 8 frequency channels for interference-free operation.

    Quadra Hybrid Pack with Lead-Gel Battery
    1x RQ Hybrid Standard Head
    1x Quadra 8.2' Head Cable
    1x ELS Skyport Speed Transmitter
    1x Lead-Gel Charger, 1x Sync Cord: 16.4'
    Up to 150 Full Power Flashes
    400W/s System, 2.6 Sec. Recycling
    S Head with 8.2' Cable Reflector
    Short Flash Durations Freeze Action


    Ranger Quadra Hybrid RX Lead-Gel Battery Pack x1
    Charger x1
    Sync Cord x1
    Shoulder Strap x1
    RQ Hybrid S Flash Head x1
    Skyport SPEED Transmitter x1