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    Lee Filter Wrap for 1 Filter for SW150 System [LEESW150W]

    Price:   £9.38

    This is the Lee Filter Wrap for 1 Filter for SW150 System [LEESW150W]

    The Lee Filter Wrap for 1 filter SW150 (150mm) provides a single pocket to store and protect filters that measure up to 150x170mm and are used by the Lee Filters SW150 and SW150 Mark II Filter Holders. Each pocket helps keep a filter placed within the wrap dust, dirt, and smudge free while providing some cushioning when transporting filters within a larger bag or case. The wrap's non-abrasive microfibre surface prevents scratching and may be used as a cleaning surface for filters, lenses, eyepieces, or other optical equipment.

    Please note that unlike the 100mm and 75mm versions which hold three filters the SW150 wrap is designed to take a single filter only.

    Pockets for a single 150x170mm Filter
    Keeps Filter Clean
    Cushions Filters within a Bag or Case
    Microfibre Surface Prevents Scratching
    Usable as a Cleaning Cloth