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    .GGS Glass LCD Protector for Canon 550D [JUGC550D]

    Price:   £15.06

    This is the .GGS Glass LCD Protector for Canon 550D [JUGC550D]

    Professional Series LCD Protector. Easy to fit. Designed to stay on the LCD. Protects the rear LCD and top plate LCD. This is a third generation screen protector from GGS. Manufactured from .5mm ultra-thin optical glass with at least 90% light transmission to ensure maximum clarity. Specially treated to maximise hardness and durability to resist scratching. This protector also features an explosion-proof film that ensure maximum resistance to impact damage (up to 12kg/cm2), preventing damage to the rear LCD. Unlike standard glass protectors, this product features a durable plastic border frame. It protects the edge of the glass and provided a smooth transition from protector to camera body . It's designed to blend in with the camera, ensuring that the protector remains a discrete but effective accessory. Easy to fit with no air-bubbles. Designed to be left on the camera at all times.

    It is rigid and made of optical glass material, which achieves HIGH transmittance (higher than plastic LCD screen protectors).
    Only 0.5mm thick with 6 layers of coatings and UV Protection.
    Optical glass strengthened through special crafting process.
    Prevent scratches, collisions and moderate impact to the LCD screen.
    This protector can be removed, but not reused.
    Includes glass protector for top plate status LCD (without plastic border).

    Available in:
    Most major camera models and in universal sizes for standard LCDs