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    Hama BluRay Laser Cleaning Disc [83981]

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    This is the Hama BluRay Laser Cleaning Disc [83981]

    Over time Blu-Ray players and PS3s can easily accumulate dust and dirt in the disc drive, which enters during the regular opening and closing of the tray or when the disc is automatically pulled in. Over time this can eventually lead to deterioration in the performance of your machine causing scenes to freeze or jump or prevent discs from playing altogether. With the current cost of PS3s and some players, the last thing you want to do is have to spend a fortune on repairs or purchasing a new one, though internally cleaning a Blu-Ray player can be extremely fiddly and difficult. Thanks to this Blu-Ray Player Laser Lens Cleaner disc from Hama cleaning has never been quicker or easier. You will be amazed by the improvement it provides through gently removing dust and grime that is clogging up the system with its 3 specially designed micro brushes. Fast and efficient, cleaning will never be a bore as the device is accompanied by Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound music, leaving your Blu-Ray player as good as new so that you can enjoy all your films and games in full quality with improvements in the performance quality of video and sound carriers. So grab your family and friends a pile in front of the TV and crack out all your old movies and games that you may have previously had trouble playing for a Blu-Ray entertainment extravaganza, all with the assistance of this great product!

    Blu-ray lens cleaner for gentle cleaning of the laser optical system in a Blu-ray player or the PS3/PS4
    3 micro brushes remove dirt particles which may otherwise impair the playback quality of video and sound carriers
    With 7.1 surround sound test