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    Hama Circular Polarising Filter HTMC Coating 86mm [72686]

    Price:   £135.49

    This is the Hama Circular Polarising Filter HTMC Coating 86mm [72686]

    Primarily developed to provide protection to the camera lens against grime, scratches and fingerprints that can otherwise cause the quality of the image to deteriorate, the polarizing filter has a number of other benefits. Not only will it filter UV rays, but it can also remove non-metallic reflections (water,glass etc.) for an overall clearer, sharper image with a higher quality more professional appearance, allowing colours to appear more vivid with the sky to appearing bluer and the clouds to appearing whiter. The protection of your camera lens can also help to increase the resale price of your camera when the time comes for an upgrade, because your lens is still in mint condition. Ultraviolet rays often make photos appear pale and grey; with UV filters the photos have a higher colour saturation and depth to them as the filter absorbs the ultraviolet rays without affecting visible light balance. The UV filter can also help to improve the clarity of the film by reducing the amount of ultraviolet light that reaches it. Because the lens is coated on both sides with high-quality HTMC coating, minimal flare is produced when the lens is pointed towards bright light. At such good value for money and with such a huge improvement in image quality, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

    For bright colours - removes reflections
    Neutral colour
    HTMC coating: four layers on each side, for high light transmission
    Quality standard (glass): high-quality lens glass
    Rotary mount with a pin

    Impact on the pictures:
    Puts contrast and depth in the picture, the sky gets blue, clouds get white and colours become clearer and brighter
    According to the position of the filter, contrast and depth vary and non-metallic reflections (water, plastic, glass, etc.) are removed
    A shooting angle of 30-40° to the reflective surface will give the best effects

    What's in the Box
    1 polarizing filter
    1 filter box

    Front Thread Yes
    Coating HTMC (8 x)
    Filter Type Polarisation circular
    Metal Mount Black
    Mount Thickness 6 mm
    Type of Glass High-Grade Lens Glass