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    Hama Cleaning Brush for Record Player Stylus 20ml [83888]

    Price:   £9.78

    This is the Hama Cleaning Brush for Record Player Stylus 20ml [83888]

    To ensure the best sound and least amount of wear or damage on your records, it is essential that the record player needle is kept as clean as possible. Hama have the tried and true method for liberating the record player needles from all the dirt, dust, mold and fingerprints it may have acquired over the years, with the Cleaning Brush specifically designed for record player needles. This liquid cleaner will give your record player needles the clean up it needs. Simply and easily insert the brush into the 20 ml black liquid and gently brush the needle to remove any dirt. After cleaning, the needle will be visually perfect and play your records brilliantly and effectively without any jumping or interruptions! Not only will this protect your record player so it continues to look and work like new for longer but it will also protect your discs from any damage from the needle. Clean up with the Cleaning Brush for Record Player Needles from Hama.

    For effective and gentle cleaning of record player needles
    Incl. 20 ml cleaning liquid

    What's in the Box
    1 cleaning brush
    1 20 ml cleaning liquid

    Colour Black
    Medium LP
    Material Nylon