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    Hama Crystal Shell Case for iPod Touch 4G Clear (EOL) [13277]

    Price:   £10.41

    This is the Hama Crystal Shell Case for iPod Touch 4G Clear (EOL) [13277]

    In an age where portability of electronic devices is increasingly desirable, a number of us can now be found with iPods in our bags or pockets whilst on the go. Whether it is to listen to on the daily commute, whilst relaxing outdoors, at home or even when walking down the street, devices such as iPods experience continuous use and can fall victim to extensive wear and tear if not cared for properly. Hama provide an effective and low cost transport solution with this MP3 Crystal Shell Window Case for iPod Touch 4G. Including an ultra tough hard case so that you iPod will never be unprotected again! When the iPod is inside the shell, control is never an issue with all interfaces and connection openings remaining fully accessible and the touch screen fully operational for interrupted access to all your music and content. Made out of sturdy and resilient plastic, the case will slip straight onto your iPod for a perfect fit, with the border keeping out any dust, grime and fingerprints that can easily accumulate around the edges when it is in constant use being taken in and out of a pocket or bag. Scratches and minor knocks and bumps which may otherwise cause damage or reduce aesthetic appeal are also absorbed by the case and screen protector.

    Sturdy rear shell which protects the iPod touch 4G against dirt and scratches
    Made of plastic, with plastic border which protects the edges
    Openings in the box provide full access to connections and controls

    What's in the Box
    1 ",Crystal Shell", MP3 window case

    Technical Details
    Colour Transparent
    Medium MP3 Player
    For MP3 Player iPod Touch 4G
    Outside Dimensions W x D x H 11,2 x 0,9 x 6.1 cm
    Inside Dimensions W x D x H 11,1 x 0.8 x 5,9 cm
    Material Synthetic Material
    Model Window Case
    Waterproof No