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    Hama Film Splicing Tape for Super 8 Pack 100 [3755]

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    This is the Hama Film Splicing Tape for Super 8 Pack 100 [3755]

    Thanks to the 8mm film, the moving pictures made their way into living-rooms decades ago. Those who stumble nowadays on these testimonies of their youth will be enthusiastic about the films. In order to edit the tapes, they will perhaps use their camera and equipment again to restore them to favour. By splicing film together you can run it through a video transfer box so that it can be transferred onto VHS or convert it to your computer, therefore there are no excuses for leaving your family memories in a box in the loft gathering dust. In order to splice your old film together you will need a film splicer and splicing tape. Hama Cinekitt Splicing Tape allows your film to be spliced together with ease. The Splicing Tape covers four frames, has a recess for one soundtrack and is perfectly compatible with the Hama Cinepress Film Splicer. Sold to you as a pack of 100, you can bring all of your old film into the 21st century and with such an easy process you need not worry if your skill level in splicing is not that of an expert. Once you have spliced your film you can sit back and enjoy your work with a film evening in the circle of the family!

    For splicing together/cutting two Super 8 films in combination with a splicer
    Stuck over 4 frames
    With recess for 1 soundtrack

    What's in the Box
    100 film splicing tapes

    Number of Pasted Over Pictures 4