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    Hama 3D Glasses Polarized Black/Matt [109804]

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    This is the Hama 3D Glasses Polarized Black/Matt [109804]

    With recent advancements in home entertainment technology there have been massive improvements in the quality of TV viewing with development of effects that introduce the user to a new level of audio and imagery. 3D is one such effect that has revolutionized the way in which we perceive on-screen images, bringing to our attention new, realistic depths within our own living rooms that draw us further into the whole entertainment experience. Hama 3D Polarized Glasses heighten the 3D experience and allow simple, high-quality viewing by using passive technology to deliver 3D images to the eye as projected from a TV screen, projector or cinema screen. This is done by passing the images, emitted from the screen in the form of polarized light, through the two lenses which act as polarizing filters to make sure that the correct images arrive at the correct eye to build up the full 3D picture. Simply slip them on for the ultimate 3D experience, designed to provide maximum comfort even when worn over everyday glasses. With no power source required for them to work, the glasses permit unlimited viewing time with no further cost beyond the purchase of the frames, ensuring that the entertainment goes on and on and on.

    These polarized 3D glasses provide a fantastic 3D experience and are suitable for all passive 3D televisions, 3D projectors, 3D notebooks, 3D computer monitors and 3D cinemas using polarization technology

    Angle of polarization: circular, angle 135°,/45°,
    Material: Plastic
    Battery Type: None
    Number of Batteries: 0
    3D Technology: Passive (Polarisation)
    Frame Colour: Black/Matt
    For TV-Brand: Universally applicable