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    Hama DVD Laser Lens Cleaner with View [48499]

    Price:   £11.99

    This is the Hama DVD Laser Lens Cleaner with View [48499]

    Over time DVD players can accumulate dust and dirt in the disc drive, which enters during the regular opening and closing of the tray. This can lead to deterioration in the performance of your machine causing scenes to freeze or jump or prevent DVDs from playing altogether. Nobody wants to have to spend money repairing a player or purchasing a new one, though internally cleaning a DVD player can be extremely fiddly and difficult. Thanks to this DVD cleaning laser disc from Hama cleaning has never been quicker or easier. You will be amazed by the improvement it provides through gently removing dust and grime that has accumulated and is clogging up the system. Fast and efficient, cleaning will never be a bore as the device is accompanied by Dolby Digital 5.1 channel music, leaving your CD/DVD player as good as new so that you can enjoy all your films at maximum optimal performance. The disc even provides a choice for 8 languages if English isn't your first choice. So grab a bowl of popcorn and crack out all those movie greats that were hidden away to due to a sluggish or non-operational player and begin to enjoy them at amazing full quality with the assistance of this great product.

    Designed to gently clean the laser optics inside a CD-/DVD-ROM drive or in a CD/DVD player
    Removes dirt particles which compromise the playback quality of video and audio media
    Provides a choice for 8 languages
    Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Music
    720 x 480 pixels/30 fps (frames per second)
    With high-resolution pictures
    The cleaning process will be visually illustrated on the monitor

    Note for Consumers: Always replace the DVD Lens Cleaner into the plastic jewel box when it is not in use. Do not use this cleaning disc in slot-in drives. Insert the DVD Lens Cleaner into your DVD player the side with the brushes faces downward.

    What's in the Box
    1 DVD laser lens cleaner
    1 CD box

    Technical Details
    Medium DVDs