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    Hama Mini-DV Cleaning Cassette [49679]

    Price:   £18.99

    This is the Hama Mini-DV Cleaning Cassette [49679]

    Over time entertainment equipment, in particular DV tapes can easily gather dust and grime which can eventually begin to clog them up and cause their performance to significantly deteriorate. This means watching your videos with a poor visual quality and poor sound quality. How frustrating! Furthermore, often it is very difficult to remove these unwanted deposits from such equipment by standard cleaning methods such as dusting and polishing, as this equipment can be very sensitive and parts of it can be very difficult to get to. This is where Hama Mini DV Cleaning Tape can be utilised to its full potential. The Hama Mini DV Cleaning Tape, suitable for mini DV camcorders, is specifically designed to gently and effectively clean the dust and dirt from the sound/playback heads of your tape in order to improve the reproduction quality and picture quality of digital recordings. Brilliant! Furthermore, you can use the tape for about 50 cleaning processes, providing you with great value for money. Overall the cleaner will allow you to maintain the performance of your DV tapes by providing an all over thorough clean that would not otherwise be able to be achieved. Get your Hama Mini DVD Head Cleaner today!

    Removes dirt from the playback head and tape of mini DV camcorders
    Designed to gently and effectively clean the dirt from the sound/playback heads of your tape
    Improves the playback quality
    For optimum picture quality of digital recordings
    For approximately 24 cleaning processes

    What's in the Box
    1 mini DV cleaning tape
    Operating instructions

    Technical Details
    Medium Mini-DV
    Suitable for Mini DV Player
    Max. Number of Cleaning Processes 50