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    Hama Mirror Screen Protector for iPod Touch 4G Pack 3 [86159]

    Price:   £9.12

    This is the Hama Mirror Screen Protector for iPod Touch 4G Pack 3 [86159]

    In an age where portability of electronic devices is increasingly desirable, a number of us can now be found with iPods in our bags or pockets whilst on the go. Whether it is to listen to on the daily commute, whilst relaxing outdoors, at home or even when walking down the street, devices such as iPods experience continuous use and can fall victim to extensive wear and tear if not cared for properly. If you find that your iPod Touch 4G touch screen easily accumulates dust, grime or fingerprints that can often impede your view or operation of it and cause the display quality to deteriorate, then Hama has found you the perfect solution with these mirror screen protectors. Coming in a pack of 3, each film has been specially designed for the sensitive iPod Touch 4G touch screen display in order to provide you with the very best protection against dust, dirt, and fingerprints without ruining the entertainment experience. When the player is switched off the protector takes on a mirror-like, opaque, reflective appearance. However, as soon as the iPod is switched on it immediately becomes transparent to let the display shine clearly through. Furthermore, the protectors are also extremely easy to attach and remove, leaving no sticky residue behind that may otherwise prevent effective operation of the touch screen.

    Protects against fingerprints, dust and scratches
    Simple to attach, can be removed without leaving any marks
    Transparent when the player is turned on
    Reflective and opaque when the player is turned off

    What's in the Box
    3 screen protectors
    1 microfiber cloth

    Device Specific Yes
    Recommended Use MP3 Player
    Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)