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    Hama Optic Dry Photo Cleaning Kit 3 Piece [5938]

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    This is the Hama Optic Dry Photo Cleaning Kit 3 Piece [5938]

    Hama Optic Dry Cleaning Set provides a fast and effective, environmentally friendly solution for the removal of dirt, dust and coarse particles from sensitive optical surfaces. Consisting of 3 main components, the set is designed to give a thorough clean without the need for use of nasty chemicals that could otherwise corrode or smear across your camera lens or other device. The Hama Dust Ex Blower initially removes the worst of the loose particles that can accumulate around the edges of lenses and filters, such as crumbs and dust. Comprising of an air valve system with additional brush, it can be used to direct strong gusts of air towards collections of particles and blow them away, with the remainder being able to be swept from the surface by the additional brush (stored on the side when not in use). Any stubborn particles or grime that cannot be removed by the blower can then be removed by either the included soft microfibre cloth, with high-quality fibre structure for lint-free cleaning, or the double ended lens pen which features both a brush tip for dry pre-cleaning and a curved, velvety tip for gentle polishing and finishing. Especially designed for lenses and filters, the lens pen rapidly removes dust, grease spots and other smudges for a smear free finish, conveniently shaped as a pen (with clip) for easy transportation in a pocket or camera kit. With no need for chemical refills or replacements the Optic Dry Cleaning Set has the added advantage of a particularly long life span, providing a reliable clean time and time again.

    For dry cleaning of optical surfaces with heavy and fine soiling

    Set consisting of:

    Dust Ex Blower:
    With a brush for removing heavy soiling and coarse particles
    The dust blower removes dust, crumbs and other small particles without touching the surface
    Valve system creates an optimal gust of air
    The brush can be attached to the side when not in use
    Environmentally friendly
    Talc free

    Cleaning cloth:
    Removes dirt and dust from all optical surfaces
    Microfibre cloth of superior quality for lint-free cleaning
    Cleans effectively thanks to its high-quality fibre structure
    Microfibre cleaning cloth (80% polyester, 20% polyamide)

    Lens pen:
    Allows highly effective and gentle cleaning of all optical surfaces, specially designed for lenses and filters
    Immediately ready for use as the screw closure ensures automatic activation of the velvety surface, no need to activate the fibers separately
    Particularly long service life as dry cleaning means that no liquid can dry out or run out
    Original lens pen
    Removes dust, grease spots and other smudges
    Does not dry out
    With a lens brush for dry precleaning
    Special coating for high-quality lenses
    Conveniently shaped pen with a clip for attachment and an ergonomic design
    Curved velvety surface
    Diameter: 13 mm, especially for lenses and filters

    What's in the Box
    1 lens pen
    1 cleaning cloth
    1 blower with brush

    Not suitable for cleaning camera mirrors. The lens pen is only suitable for small optical surfaces.

    Technical Details
    Component Lens Blower Brush/Lens Pen/Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
    Recommended Use Photo/Video
    Set Contents in Pieces 3