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  1. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 05 April, 2018.

    Hama Sonos Play 3 Floor Speaker Stand Black [118009]

    Price:   £63.05

    This is the Hama Sonos Play 3 Floor Speaker Stand Black [118009]

    For mounting a Sonos PLAY:3, for the ultimate audio experience with ideal orientation
    Easy-Fix system for simple and fully adjustable orientation of the speaker
    Hidden cable guide for improved appearance
    Vibration absorber for optimum sound quality
    360°, rotation for horizontal or vertical orientation of the speaker
    Exchangeable vibration dampers for best sound quality on different floors: 4 x metal spikes for carpets and 4 x round silicone pads for tiles, parquet, laminate, etc.
    For optimal positioning of the Sonos PLAY:3 in every room
    Up to +6/-24°, continuous tilt
    Can be swivelled up to 60°,

    Note for Consumers:
    For easily mounting the cables let a weighted cord glide through the cable guide, attach the cables to the cord, pull them up and store the cables in a matter of seconds.

    What's in the Box
    1 speaker stand
    Screw set
    8 vibration dampers (4 metal spikes, 4 silicone pads)
    Mounting instructions

    Technical Details
    Load Capacity 3 kg
    Total Height 98,4 cm
    Model Loudspeaker Stand