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    Hama CD Storage Wallet for 96 Disc Blue/Silver [51306]

    Price:   £13.83

    This is the Hama CD Storage Wallet for 96 Disc Blue/Silver [51306]

    With new CDs and DVDs being released on a weekly basis for us to purchase, it is not unusual to find our collections growing out of hand with little space available or suitable for storage. This can lead to various discs, some with their cases long lost and others with extremely flimsy and thin ones, being scattered around shelves, drawers, cupboards, desks and even the floor at home and the workplace or loose around on the floor or seats of the car as they are discarded there when driving. This can leave the sensitive surface of the disc exposed to dust, dirt, scratches and being broken if left on the floor where it could be stood on by trampling feet, leading to poor playback quality or in some cases completely preventing the disc from working. Hama provide a portable and practical storage solution for your CD and DVD collection with this wallet fitting up to 96 CDs/DVDs, a huge number considering its compact size. With this CD Wallet from Hama, your collection will be fully protected from general knocks and bumps occurred during transportation with a trendy silver coloured zipper fastener and high quality individual antistatic sleeves for each disc to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust and the entry of light moisture that can otherwise cause damage. Highly portable, the adjustable carrying strap allows you to comfortably and conveniently carry the case with you on the go. Perfect as a storage solution in the car tucked under the seat for instant access to all your favourite songs and movies to entertain yourself, friends and family on a long and tedious car journey. Alternatively tuck it away at home either into a cupboard, on a bookshelf or anywhere within easy reach for much increased space efficiency. Now all your collection will be in one place and there is no need to go searching through numerous randomly arranged piles of discs in order to find the CD/DVD you want. Why not organise discs in alphabetical order, by artist or by date to allow easy identification and location?

    Wallet for storing CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray discs
    Comes with an adjustable carrying strap

    Colour Blue/Silver
    Line Wallet
    Medium CD-ROM
    Outside Dimensions W x D x H 19 x 30 x 6,5 cm
    Incl. Cleaning Cloth No
    Incl. Marker No
    Material Polypropylene (PP)
    Max. Capacity 96
    Model Bag