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    Hama Telescreen for Cine to Digital Transfer [3012]

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    This is the Hama Telescreen for Cine to Digital Transfer [3012]

    As technology advances so quickly these days, it is often the case that the various testimonies of our youth are recorded on out-of-date media that can be incompatible with the modern day screen, rendering them useless and our precious memories long forgotten and abandoned in an attic or cupboard. If you have recently stumbled upon the cine-film records of your past and wish to restore them to their full glory for viewing on the present day screen, then this Videotransfer telescreen from Hama provides you with the perfect solution. The 20cm x 20cm daylight screen allows old films such as S8, N8 etc. to be copied onto your camcorder without having to be in a dark room so that they can then be conveniently and quickly transferred to and stored on hard disk, DVD and CD for easy viewing in your own home. With reversible mirror for true-to-side image it will ensure that every aspect of your original film and each detail of every special memory is preserved for your enjoyment so they are as clear as the day they were taken. A film evening in the circle of family and friends is definitely appropriate!

    For filming older films (e.g. S 8, N 8) without image distortion with a camcorder or camera with video function
    Surface-reflective deflecting mirror for true-to-side images
    Also for viewing slides without darkening a room: slide image is displayed on the screen
    Easy to use: open the mirror up at an angle of 45°, to the screen and direct the projector towards the mirror. The image is projected on the screen via the mirror and can easily be filmed.
    Can compactly be folded up

    What's in the Box
    1",Videotransfer", telescreen

    Technical Details
    Colour Black
    Height of Screen 20 cm
    Width of Screen 20 cm
    Model Telescreen