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    Hama Car Sun Visor CD Case for 10 Disc Black [33836]

    Price:   ¬£8.75

    This is the Hama Car Sun Visor CD Case for 10 Disc Black [33836]

    Are you in the position where you have countless CDs out of boxes all around the car vulnerable to dust, scratches and damage? Unfortunately for you, CDs do not swallow everything. Dirt and scratches can lead to irreparable damage and there is nothing worse then putting a CD on and it jumping the whole way through due to copious scratches. All of your CDs are to be stored in a case. It is true that storage doesnít have to mean ugly brown boxes and the trendy, space-saving In-Car Sun Visor Case from Hama proves that. The high-quality black nylon case, able to house up to 10 CDs, mean you have no excuse for CDs being left around the car cluttering it up. The case comes with 10 protective sleeves, each with the ability to hold one CD. The case attach comfortably and easily onto your sun visor with the two straps on the back giving you access to your CDs anytime you need it. With the Automotive Sun Visor Case you will know longer need to search your car for your favourite CD. It will be fully protected and at your disposal at all times. Finding instead of searching, this is the motto of the small, sovereign Automotive Sun Visor Case from Hama.

    High-quality, anti-static sleeves
    Case for storing CDs/DVDs
    Attaches comfortably and easily onto the sun visor in your car
    With two straps on the back

    What's in the Box
    1 sun visor case

    Technical Details
    Colour Black
    Outside Dimensions W x D x H 15.8 x 0.7 x 29.5 cm
    Material Polyester
    Number of Compartments 10