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    Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon S7000 [6282.7]

    Price:   £321.62

    This is the Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon S7000 [6282.7]

    Capture vibrant images and video of sting rays, parrot fish, and coral at 200' beneath the surface with your Nikon COOLPIX S7000 camera in the Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon S7000. External lighting is more powerful than your camera's built-in flash, but your flash can be used to trigger an optional, external AF35 AutoFlash strobe as a wireless slave, replicating TTL exposure. As an alternative, two fiber-optic ports are provided for connecting optional cables. The housing also includes a diffuser to soften your built-in flash and a deflector to redirect the light towards an external strobe. This added lighting will provide greater color accuracy and vibrancy, and it can be placed in a position to virtually eliminate backscatter, glare, and hard shadows.

    Built for durability, the housing is designed, constructed by hand, and tested in the USA. A corrosion-resistant, clear polycarbonate body offers a full view of the camera, allowing you to monitor the O-ring seal to ensure correct waterproof installation. Large, ergonomic mechanical controls provide access to all camera functions. The camera mounting plate features a 12-24 thread tray with 3'' spacing. The housing's built-in, flat glass lens port has a 3.9'' diameter. Since light is absorbed very quickly as it passes through water, optional color-correction filters can be added to enhance colors below the surface. The port also accepts optional external lenses, to allow an increased field of view or extreme close-up shots with better clarity and detail, respectively.

    For close-ups, use Ikelite's optional external macro adapter 9306.82 with optional 67mm threaded macro lenses from Inon and Epoque. Wide-angle coverage requires Ikelite's optional WD-4 wide-angle conversion dome 6430.4. Approximately three-fourths of the camera's zoom range can be used with the dome in place, however, slight vignetting may occur at the camera's widest angle setting. This effect can be eliminated by zooming in slightly or cropping the image in post processing. Other wide angle conversion or accessory lenses cannot be used with this housing.

    Depth Rating: 200'
    Fiber-Optic/Wireless Strobe Connectivity
    Mechanical Controls
    Access to All Camera Functions
    Clear Polycarbonate Body
    Flat Glass Lens Port with 3.9'' Diameter
    Port Accepts Wide/Macro Add-on Lenses
    Compatible with Color-Correction Filters
    Flash Diffuser and Deflector Included
    Made in the USA

    200 ft (60m) depth rating
    Controls for all camera functions
    Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water
    12-24 thread tray mounting with 3 in (76mm) spacing
    Weight 1.7 lb (770 g)
    Dimensions 5.8 x 4.6 x 4.9 in (147 x 117 x 125mm) including projections
    3.9-inch diameter glass lens port

    Port cover
    Flash diffuser
    Flash deflector
    Vinyl break-away safety lanyard
    Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
    1 year manufacturer warranty