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    Ewa Marine Raincape (SLR with 500mm telephoto lens) [C500 Cape]

    Price:   £114.22

    This is the Ewa Marine Raincape (SLR with 500mm telephoto lens) [C500 Cape]

    The C500 rain cape is the perfect protection against rain and spray, made to fit all SLR cameras (digital and analog) with the large professional Telelenses. The cape is made of special double laminated PVC and has an integrated optical glas protecting for the view finder. The raincape tightened at the sunshade of the lens by means of velcro. The glass at its back is fixed over the viewfinder by means of a aluminium rail which slides onto the hotshoe of the camera. Due to this adapter and fastening system the cape will always remain properly positioned over the lens and the viewfinder. The C500 raincape has been specially designed for professional Telelenses. It fits lenses of different makes like the Canon 3002.8, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm as well as the Nikon 400mm to 600mm lenses and similar lenses from other manufacturers. You can use the camera with the C500 cape on a standard tripod if necessary or desired. The C500 raincape can also be closed by means of press studs to allow maximum protection. Under normal operation conditions, one would insert the right hand into the cape for finger tip control.

    Length 35cm (13 3/4 inch)
    Width 20cm (7 7/8 inch)
    Height 30cm (11 6/8 inch)
    Weight 180 g (0,4lbs)