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    Walkstool Comfort 75 Compact Travel Stool Extra Large Black [WALWSC75]

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    This is the Walkstool Comfort 75 Compact Travel Stool Extra Large Black [WALWSC75]

    Walkstool is a unique company making an even more unique and extremely useful product. The Walkstool Comfort 55 Compact Travel Stool Medium Black (WSC55) is born of fine Swedish engineering and provides a portable posterior platform-in other words, a seat for all occasions. Whereas a folding chair or stool is nothing new, this Walkstool's clever design makes it stand out from the rest. The two primary issues Walkstool's designers focused on were compact size and load strength and the final product reflects their careful engineering and dedication. The primary benefit of the Walkstool is the prevention of back strain or fatigue while keeping a person elevated to a comfortable height. This is useful for sports, event, and press photographers who spend many hours on their feet, squatting or on their knees. It is also good for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts or simply anyone who needs a seat in a location where a comfortable chair may be hard to come by. The Walkstool Comfort line features lightweight and ultra-portable stools with two height positions depending on whether the telescoping legs are extended or not. Transportation of these 930g stools is a breeze, as it collapses into a compact form that can be easily carried in a camera bag, backpack, or tool bag to be taken just about anywhere. The Comfort line improves on the Basic line with a larger seat, different size seat mesh material, and larger rubber feet to prevent the stool legs from getting stuck in the mud.

    Will hold up to 250kg
    When folded, it is not much larger than a small tripod
    Swedish design and construction

    Height: 75cm/30in
    Weight: 930g/33oz
    Max load: 250kg/550lbs
    Seat size: 40cm/16in