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    Xavax Digital Multi Thermometer [111014]

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    This is the Xavax Digital Multi Thermometer [111014]

    Hot or Cold? The temperature of food can be crucial when cooking as not only does it determine if something is cooked correctly, but it also must be sufficiently high enough to kill harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning and other nasty illnesses. However, the problem is how to measure it. For example, usually the only way of telling if a joint of meat is cooked is to cut it open, though this is not ideal if you want to present it as an attractive centre piece at the dinner table!

    Xavax Multi-Thermometer Ensures It's Well Done: The Xavax Digital Food Safe Multi-Thermometer provides quick and easy way of monitoring the temperature of food and drink without having to destroy all your hard work, using a long metal spike that can discretely reach into the centre of meat joints or the top of wine bottles to provide an exact digital temperature reading within seconds on the digital display to an accuracy of 0.1°,C. Ideal for testing the temperature of fish, meat and vegetables it has extensive applications, being useful for any roasting, cooking or baking where monitoring temperature can impact upon the culinary outcome, as well as for less obvious uses such as checking the temperature of heated baby food or the recognition of the correct drinking temperature of wines or hot drinks such as tea. The thermometer even includes a list of applications and recommended temperatures in order to help you minimise the chances of falling ill or ruining your dinner by under/overcooking, so all you have to worry about is who you're inviting round for Sunday lunch!

    For quick and easy recognition of the temperature of drinks (e.g. wine or sparkling wine) or food
    With removable silicone fastener for storing and closing opened bottles -For measuring the inside temperature of meals (cutting the foodstuffs up is not necessary) -For exact (medium, well done) roasting, cooking and baking -Quick, exact indication on the display (resolution: 0.1°,C) -Ideal for fish, meat and vegetables -Food safe -Battery (1.5V LR44) included in the delivery package -With temperature table for different applications
    For exact (medium, well done) roasting, cooking and baking
    Quick, exact indication on the display (resolution: 0.1°,C)
    With temperature table for different applications

    Display: Digital
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Measuring Range: -45°,C to +200°,C
    Resolution: 0.1 °,C
    Usage: Drinking Temperature/Roast Temperature

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