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    YouSave X-Line Gel Cover for iPod Touch 5 White [AP-GA01-Z727]

    Price:   £5.14

    This is the YouSave X-Line Gel Cover for iPod Touch 5 White [AP-GA01-Z727]

    Providing premium protection in a lightweight, easy-to-use package, this silicone case is ideal when it comes to both defence and style. As a man-made fibre, silicone has many advantages over other materials. It's extremely light, which means the case won't compromise on the look or the feel of the device. This also means it's very easy to fit - just slot the silicone case around the back of the device, ensure it's firmly in place, and the cover will provide instant and lasting protection from scratches, scuffs and chips. Once fitted, the case is not only great for protection; it's also highly useful. It comes equipped with handy cut-outs around the external features of the device, enabling easy access to the camera, charger, headphone and volume of the device at all times. With a textured surface for maximum grip, and a padded gel underlay for additional protection against impacts, the gel case isn't just fantastic for reducing scratches and scuffs; it also ensures superior defence against drops, and the damage that they can cause! With a perfect blend of protection and style, the silicone gel case is the best case around- it's ideal for so many different situations. Shipping with a free screen protector and micro fibre polishing cloth, it's an absolute bargain of a purchase!

    Silicone gel protects your mobile from day-to-day damage
    X-Line upraised rear design offers additional grip
    Easy, secure fitting with full access to ports and camera
    Strong yet lightweight build to reduce unnecessary bulk
    Free screen protector included